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Our Products
  • Bloaters

    Bloaters, also called "Red Herring", are being heavily cured herring salted for about a week, then naturally dried and smoked for up to six weeks. This process produces a golden red sheen on the fish and that is why the product is often called the "Red Herring". The texture of the bloater is akin to beef jerky with a strong but delightful salty and smoky flavor. They can be eaten cold, first skinned and sliced thinly or they can be eaten cooked along with crusty bread or fresh cooked potatoes.

    Map of the Caribbeans
    Bloaters have been an important source of proteins to the diets of many Caribbean Islands such as the Dominican Republic. They can be kept up to twelve months without refrigeration. Before eating, they are normally left in cold water or milk for 24 to 48 hours or maybe in vinegar for a shorter period. This method removes much of the salt and leaves the meat softened and more succulent.

    Bloaters are usually shipped in traditional 18 lbs cedar wooden boxes.

  • Kippers

    Kippers are lightly smoked herring processed as in the centuries-old recipe used in the Netherlands. That is why they are often referred to as Dutch-style Herrings.

    The kippers are cleaned herrings soaked in a brine mixture for a few hours. The herrings are then put on rods, hung on racks and cold-smoked in our custom-designed mechanical smoking kilns. This process gives the fish a nice golden color with a slight barbecue flavor.

    Once ready for market, each batch of kippers are graded according to the size of the fish. They can be packaged in a variety of ways either as whole fish or as cleaned gutted herrings shipped in wooden boxes. They are usually sold in 4 kg, 6.92 kg or 7 kg wooden boxes and 18 kg plastic pails. The packaging however can be done according to a customer's specifications.

  • Silver Herring

    Silver Herrings or "English Style" herrings are cured and cold smoked in mechanical kilns -- just like the kippers -- but with a lot less time, salt and smoke. This leaves the finished herrings with a much lighter and barbeque flavor with a beautiful silvery color. The quicker process means that the Silver Herrings must be thoroughly frozen once the preparations are completed and during packaging. They are usually packaged in 4 kg or 7 kg wooden boxes or 23 kg plastic pails. The packaging can still be done according to a customer's specifications.

    Silver Herring
  • Salted Smoked Herring Fillets

    Salted Smoked Herring Fillets are skinless and boneless herring fillets. They are available in 4.5kg cardboard boxes or wooden boxes or according to customer specifications. This product is of the bloater-type of herrings except that the fish has been purposely filleted, which many customers find more appealing and convenient. The fillets are a very popular item especially in the United States.

    Smoked Split herrings
  • Alewives (i.e. "Gaspereaux")

    Alewives (i.e. "Gaspereaux")
    Alewives or "Gaspereaux" are caught fresh as the fish moves upstream our cold Canadian rivers. As soon as they are cached, they are immediately packed dry or/and in salt brine. They are available in 30 lbs (13.6 kg) or 50 lbs (22.68 kg) plastic pails. This product is also a favorite of the Caribbean Islands and Holland.

  • Mackerel

    Mackerel products are also available whenever possible. These fishes are highly sought after for their very high contents in essential omega oils that are so beneficial for our health. The supply of mackerel in the Northumberland Strait is usually more limited but still available in other parts of the Maritimes. Please contact us for question regarding the availability of our mackerel products.

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